I helped this great couple, Cindy and Bill Fletcher, when they purchased their home back in late 2016.  In February of this year they made the decision to re-finance another one of their properties and they chose me as their lender. Here’s what they had to say:

” For 23 years, in another life, Cindy and I ran our own Mortgage and Real Estate Companies,  When we were introduced to Brian, we immediately felt comfortable with him. We KNOW that he knows what he is doing. Brian and  his staff make sure things stay on track. It was great experience to work with Brian, and we hope to purchase a few more rental properties so we will be working with him again soon. Thanks Brian. We would also like to thank Glenn Grevengoed for handling the Escrow on this loan. Glenn also knows his stuff and he is a pleasure to work with. ”

Bill & Cindy Fletcher refinance with  Brian Denton our mortgage guy

I love my Job!  It was so much fun helping Bill and Cindy Fletcher refinance their investment home.

It is so gratifying seeing this couple so happy to be saving money towards their retirement!  Thank you so much for putting your trust in me once again and thank you to Glenn Grevengoed for another fantastic closing!

I have the best career in the world! — with Bill FletcherCindy Fletcher and Glenn Grevengoed.

Brian Denton

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