local business people, who do you know that, can you recommend someone, plumber, electrician, general contractor, tile contractor, flooring contractorWhen  I moved here, I really didn’t know anyone, so when I needed something done around the  just asked my neighbors who they had used. Since I joined BNI, now when I needed a referral to a good Contractor, Attorney, Realtor® or Insurance company, I have a whole list of reliable comapies to refer people to.

Just in case you need the name of someone who can help with a repair or another type of issue, I would like to share my list with you. This is a  list of people I have worked with over the past few years who are honest and they do good quality work.

You can see a list on my blog, it’s called Local Contractors and Businesses

As I get to know more local businesses I will be adding to that list, so keep checking in and I hope this is a useful resource for you.

Share it with your family and friends.

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