Vero Beach has two sections if you will. The mainland and the Barrier Islands. Waterfront Homes on the mainland would be on the River. On the Barrier Island a Waterfront home could front either the River or the Ocean. Some neighborhoods have manmade ponds and before you dismiss that, I will fill you in on a secret. In the morning you will see all manner of wild life in and round those ponds. Tall cranes, families of ducks, turtles and even flying fish.

Here are just a few of the neighborhoods here in Vero Beach. We have Point West, which is inland, and there are several different neighborhoods within the development, and surprise, there is also a Polo Grounds!. Each neighborhood has it’s own unique flavor and prices in Vero Beach range from the low $100,000’s to multi million dollar estates on the Barrier Islands. Something for everyone I say.

Here are the names of a few of the more wll known neighborhoods

  • Baytree
  • Bermuda Club
  • Island Club
  • John’s Island
  • Marbrisa
  • North Shore Club
  • Palm Island Plantation
  • The Estuary
  • The Shores

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