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This is it! You can’t take one more cold, damp,overcast winter. You are ready to move!

You have seen my personal posts on Facebook, my posts on my business Facebook page and you have had it with my weather reports. Well, what’s stopping you? Come on down. I work with several great realtors here in Indian River County who can help you find just the right place, and I have some great realtors up North who can get your home sold so you can move on.

If you haven’t moved for a long time, you are probably going to need some help. I can work with your Agents on both ends to get all of your things lined up. There will be costs incurred by selling your home, and costs incurred in the purchase of your home here. I understand what to expect and can make certain that you feel comfortable with each of those things.

The one thing I want to stress before you get to building a plan is this. Here in Florida you are going to want to spend more time out of the house. Except in the summer. But that’s a subject for another article. Before you call in a moving company, please, take the time to go through your home and really be selective about what you bring with you. Just because your Great Aunt left you all of her earthly belongings it doesn’t mean you need to cart them all the way south. Find places that will consign them and sell them for you, or donate them. Heavy, dark furniture is not what you want here.

I also know that dealing with movers can be a tricky business, so I have some helpful hints here:

  1. Clear the cutter,
  2. Be specific about what you are actually taking with you, and don’t leave things out
  3. Make certain with the Moving Rep that his trucks will be able to fit on your street
  4. Get a binding Estimate, and get references before you sign anything
  5. . Keep Your Moving Inventory Up-To-Date

Based on the run-down you give your  moving representative, your initial meeting concludes with a household moving inventory sheet and estimate. This moving inventory is given to the driver who usually will not accept additional items onto the truck unless they are approved prior to moving day. If you change your mind about moving any items, especially appliances, contact your moving representative as soon as possible. If you fail to communicate changes in your inventory, a driver may refuse items that are not on the list.

Most of all, before you even get to the move part, call me and make sure your finances are ready for a new loan. Things have changed quite a bit over the past 10 years, and it’s always good to be prepared.

Brian Denton

Fairway Independent Mortgage

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